I have been selling Step Forward Orthotics since 2008. This came about for two reasons:

  • I was looking for a new business
  • I had tried the Step Forward Orthotic and it relieved my lower back discomfort immediately.

I had to share this effective natural pain relief and I knew this was to be my new career path.  After some general enquiries I was accepted on the Step Forward Team.  Since then I have built relationships with doctors who refer their patients to me. This along with the many satisfied customers who also refer family and friends has seen the business has grow.

My biggest satisfaction out of all this is the ‘thank you for getting my life back’ comments from clients. Or even the stirrer who says ‘I don’t really like your orthotics …… I bloody luv em’.


Wyza Pain Relief has come about after many years selling products that offered natural pain relief.  Clients kept telling me that I was very “wise” to keep it simple, or that I was like the “wise” old owl when I explained my products to them.

Now, in consultation with Love Oil Collection, I am bringing together my Step Forward Orthotics business with the Love Oil Collection natural products, to create a one-stop-shop for all round natural pain relief.

Noal Steele


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